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Tableau is used to create Rich Visualizations including interactive graphs and charts and we can combine them in a dashboard and worksheet to share with business users.

Grafana and Prometheus are some of the most common analytical tools used for monitoring and visualising the health of software applications.

Pyramid Analytics is a Robust Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform which is used to process data from multiple sources and also create rich interactive reports and dashboards to gain insights.

This is the 2nd in our series of articles on using RocketChat as an Open Source Enterprise Communication Platform as an alternative for Slack or Microsoft Team and enhancing the capabilities by integrating one of the most popular Open Source Chat Bots RASA to simplify and enhance customer engagement as one of the steps to accelerate the Digital transformation of the organization.

RocketChat is a popular open-source, scalable communication platform that can work as an alternative to Slack.

We live in a data-driven world that demands accurate analysis and reports for all domains. Pyramid Analytics is a platform that offers data analysis support and provides many functionalities in Discovery.

Learn to add an extended time intelligence to the date dimension in Pyramid Analytics. To begin, let us go through an overview of the date tables.