How To Enable Conversations & Actions in Pyramid Analytics Discoveries

Understanding Pyramid Discovery Extensions

We live in a data-driven world that demands accurate analysis and reports for all domains. Pyramid Analytics is a platform that offers data analysis support and provides many functionalities in Discovery. Discovery also has features that we don’t normally come across in data analysis and can offer functionality that could enhance data analysis. 

What are the things that we can do on Discovery?
We can click a specified element in the report and enable Actions that can be defined. We can review data and start conversations with other relevant users. We can also create conversation threads and invite other users.

Now we can study the Discovery Actions and Conversation features in detail.

Discovery Actions: We use an action wizard to trigger an action whenever we click an icon like a member, cell, hierarchy, etc., on the report visualization. Now we can go through the steps in Discovery actions.

Configure actions:  An action can be used to open a particular content item or URL. To do this, we can set “ Action 1 “ with default settings. One-click on this would initiate an action that will lead you to a particular URL, provided the URL is written on the given area. To set the action, click on the “ Apply” button. 

Execute actions: How to know if our action has been configured? Executed actions on a target will appear in the visualization context menu. When we right-click on the relevant cell and select “Actions” in the menu, we will find the executed actions named “Action (number).” 

Manage actions: To manage the created actions, we can open the actions plan of the relevant data discovery. By clicking on the action name on the panel list, we can edit the required action. Similarly, by clicking on the cross button of each action, we can delete the action.

Discovery Conversations

We can communicate with each other and other users by using messages and comments as per the specified report. We can also create conversation threads and assign roles to the users. So let us look at the ways to initiate and undergo a conversation. 

Start a conversation:  To start a conversation, we should click on the start new conversation icon and choose either model conversations or discover specific conversations. Model conversations can be used to converse globally across the whole data model but discover specific can only be used for the given data discovery. 

A submit button will only pop up after you write a comment. We can send emails, messages, and comments to other users. An email participant button is used to send notifications. We can also send voice messages. After we save the data discovery, we can enable or disable the “report-specific comment” button. The enabling of this button is called Discover-Specific Conversation, and the disabling is called Model conversation.

If you have a query, the “ save data snapshot” will save the result of the query, and the “save Discover report snapshot” will save the structure of the query. 

Manage conversations: We can open the conversation from within the Discover, Present, and the Conversations Feed. We can right-click on the cell or member and open “select conversations” from the context menu. Or we can open the conversation panel by clicking the icon in home and filter it to get the specified conversation. 

We hope this article helped you in gaining knowledge about the process of Pyramid Discovery Extensions.

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